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Life Members

Alec McKinnon

Beryl Pearse 1968

Kim Merrett

Liz Russell 2011





1.                  All riders must be financial (paid up member).

2.                Parents/children are to notify D.C. if not attending a rally, at least 3 days before, if practical.

3.                PCAV membership cards are to placed in the box in the club room for D.C. to sign.

4.                No member shall ride before or after a rally unless under supervision of an instructor.

5.                All ponies are to be tied up to string.

6.                All riders must be present for gear inspection at the designated time. If for some reason you cannot make gear inspection, you must present to an instructor for a gear inspection before you commence your lesson.

7.                Approved helmets and appropriate footwear; fully soled and smooth, to be worn.

8.                Riders not to jump without martingale or neck strap.

9.                No spurs to be worn, unless by permission of D.C.

10.            Whips not exceeding 750mm in length can be used.

11.             Your instructor is ‘in charge’ whilst having your lesson, you must be courteous.

12.            Permission must be granted to leave a lesson.

13.            At the end of your instruction, remember to thank your instructor, dismount and lead your horse back to your float. Remember our instructors are all volunteers and should be respected and appreciated.

14.            Riders and parents to give assistance in putting away equipment.

15.            Horse manure to be picked up and placed in designated area.

16.    If temperature is forecast to be 35c or above at Donald on an event or rally day, the day will be cancelled.


Additional notes & tips:


Please remember that everything with Pony Club is voluntary and that parents support is always needed to help set up and pack up. All help leads to a strong and happy club when work is not left to only a few.


If your horse is silly when you first get to PC and takes a while to settle, arrive early and lunge for atleast ½ hour. Lungeing is to take place in a confined area.


While being instructed at Pony Club, more than likely, methods used by most instructors will differ. Comply with these directions during your session, if at the end you don’t agree, or it doesn’t work for your horse, then don’t use it. If it was beneficial, go with it and see what you can achieve.


Different methods work on different horses, if one way does not achieve the desired result, then try something different. Remember most importantly consistency and perserverance is the key, there are no quick fixes.


If your pony kicks, a red ribbon must be tied to his/her tail to signify this. (Red ribbon is a known warning/alarm in the horse world that your horse kicks)




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