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Life Members

Alec McKinnon

Beryl Pearse 1968

Kim Merrett

Liz Russell 2011



Month Family    
February Campbell    
March Sellick    
April Powell    
May McEwen    
June Wiseman    
July Hedt    
August Rollinson    
September Stephenson    
October Campbell    
November Sellick    
December Shared food    




Club House Duty & Toilet Duty:

At start of day

*Unlock middle door or ask a Committee Member to unlock

*Turn power on at switchboard (yellow sticker)

*Open the 2 tin doors from kitchen to outside

*Get out biscuits/coffee/sugar/tea/cordial/teaspoons & cups

* Clean toilets, check toilet paper and soap supply, sweep, if more supplies are needed grab
from the yellow cupboard in clubhouse


At end of day

* Do dishes and wipe tables/benches

* Empty bins in kitchen and toilets and take rubbish home

*Fridge to be cleaned out and door left open after rally (broom handle beside fridge is used
to keep door open)

*Turn off power at switchboard

*LOCK – kitchen tin doors - middle door of club rooms          

Lunch Duty:

The idea behind families providing lunches at Rallies is to help with the club's fundraising.

*Obtain catering numbers from Secretary the Wednesday before the Rally

* Totally your choice as to what you want to provide, there are some things in the clubhouse,
such as tomato & bbq sauce, olive oil, foil & gladwrap, serviettes, cutlery and crockery

* Reimbursement of lunch expenses

If you don’t want to be reimbursed you and your family are not required to pay for

If you choose to be reimbursed you and your family will need to pay for lunch





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