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Life Members

Alec McKinnon

Beryl Pearse 1968

Kim Merrett

Liz Russell 2011



Original Club Rooms, still used today!
Photograph:Melissa Sellick



The Donald Pony Club was formed in 1964, Mrs Beryl Pearse of the Boonoonah Horse Stud originally received an anonymous letter asking her and her late husband, Mr. Ivan Pearse to start a Pony Club in Donald. At a public meeting held on Tuesday 22nd July, 1964 the formation of the Donald Pony Club was considered. There was considerable enthusiasm that the foundation of such an organisation had merit. Children in the Donald area had been taking private tuition along elementary lines from District Instructors and thus they fuelled the fire for the Club's formation. The meeting had been previously convened to see whether a Club could be formed and whether it would affiliate with the Victorian Pony Club Association. At the conclusion of the meeting and considerable discussion, a motion was moved by Mr Alec McKinnon and seconded by Mr H. Cheel, that the Donald and District Pony Club be formed, the motion was carried.

At this meeting, Mr John Moore was elected District Commissioner and President and Mrs F.A. Warner elected as Secretary/Treasurer. Mrs I.H. Pearse accepted the position of Chief Instructor as did Mrs Guthrie and Mr Trevor Moore as instuctors. The Committee comprised the President, Secretary, Instructors and Messrs H.E. Raven, A. McKinnon, Hilton Vogel, O.G. Guthrie, P.Hines and H. Cheel. Rallies were to be held every Saturday afternoon or as convenient to instructors. Fees were set at 1 pound per person and not more that 3 pound per family, and that 2 pound per member be charged for each rally attended.

It was suggested that the old cricket ground (Monty Burton Oval) would be a suitable place for rallies to be held, permission was sought from the Trustees and granted. The very first rally held 8th August 1964 was held on the property of the late Mr. Ivan Pearse and Mrs Beryl Pearse and then after that, rallies were to be conducted on the old cricket ground.

Club Rooms

The Club rooms as it stands today was originally located at the Corack Race Club. The rooms were moved into the Donald Racecourse and used as a combination of a Stewards Office, Jockey Rooms and General Office. The Club house still  has those three separate rooms.  The General Office, Stewards Room & Jockey Rooms became redundant after some time and was then used as a storage shed. The Pony Club ened up securing the building for $100 (or pounds?) and was relocated to the Pony Club's current site on Racecourse Road.



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